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Animation | Fantasy | Feature Film

When an explosion transports an overprotective baker-come-single-father to a confectionery world, he must race against the clock to find a way home before his son meets a similar fate.


Animation | Adventure | Feature Film

When Marty, a duck-billed platypus, is discovered by New World explorers and thought to be a practical joke, he must go to extreme lengths to prove himself a legitimate species. 


Animation | Adventure | Feature Film

An dust mite who suffers from allergies dreams of fresh air, but when he tricks his friends into the outside world, he discovers that getting over a few sneezes are now the least of his worries.


Animation | Fantasy | Feature Film

In a world where special birthday candles grant wishes, a successful baker must defend his wax recipe against a power-hungry supermarket boss, who wants to create the worlds greatest bakery.

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Laying to Rest

Comedy | Tv Series

When two undertakers open up opposite each other in a tiny Somerset village, the rival groups of morticians compete to out shadow each others funerals. 

A Couple of Quandaries

Comedy | Feature Film

When a couple of divorce-desiring marriage counsellors challenge each other to destroy their client's relationships, it brings them closer together, but when one patient is driven through paranoia to acquire a gun, it's not just relationships, it's lives at stake. 

Cast Away

Comedy | Feature Film

When a local amateur dramatics group commits murder live on stage they think they have the perfect alibi, but as their stories unfold they must go on the run from the police and each other. 

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Thriller | Feature Film

A husband and wife commit murder and stash the body in a bank vault safety box of an already deceased man, but when the bank starts emptying the vaults they are forced to reenact the murder in order to frame their mutual co-worker for the homicide. 


Thriller | Feature Film

When a CCTV expert plagued by loan sharks commits the perfect murder to get out of his debts he develops an addiction to killing, meaning he must come up with increasingly elaborate ways to frame others, as his crimes begin to catch up with him


Thriller | Feature Film

A naive single mother, who flees the pandemic-stricken land on a fishing boat to keep herself and her son safe, must defend their positions onboard amidst diminishing food supplies and growing paranoia.

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Comedy-Horror | Feature Film

When a disillusioned serial killer breaks free from jail and begins a rampage in the Houses of Parliament, brutally attacking MPs, the plucky janitor must strive to stop the bloodshed. 

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Short Films

The Ascent

Comedy | Short Film

An elderly woman’s struggle being caught between waiting on her imminent meals on wheels delivery, needing the toilet and a devilishly slow stanner stair lift. 

A Loose Thread

Drama | Short Film

When an elderly woman hits her loving granddaughter, she's forced to come to terms with her deteriorating mind. 

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