Script Reader   |   Box Office Limited

​2016 - present


Paid to give coverage in the industry-standard format and attend writers rooms to advise on the structure of feature scripts in development for production companies such as Endemol Shine and Studio Canal. 

Proficient In
In Production
Hard to Heart   |   Psychological Drama



When a woman who’s afraid of intimacy learns that the man she loves is leaving town, she must battle against her fears before he’s lost to her forever.






Writing Credits
The Ascent    |   Comedy Short



IAC award-winning short.

When an elderly lady gets caught short, she must decide between taking the obscenely slow stair-lift to the toilet, or answering the door for her meal on wheels and risk bursting in front of the delivery man. 

Sentient    |   Sci-Fi Short


Screened at the Cannes Short Film Corner 2016. A 15 minute short about a robot that tries to find out what it is to be human. 

Rotten    |   Comedy Short



A black comedy about when an evil tomato-hating girl is sent to live with her tomato-obsessed grandmother.

Thoughts    |   Comedy Web-series



Reached the final ten of the Web Series category in the Filmmatic Film Awards.

A web-series about a twenty-something woman’s struggle to control her ability to read people’s minds upon touching them when it starts to interfere with her love life. 

Barnardo's Child Nighttime Safety    |   Animated Training Video


Commissioned by the Barnardo’s children’s charity to create an animated short.

5 minute sketched short about a teenage girl who falls into the hands of sexual abusers. Used as a training video for the Barnardo's charity. 

Stage & The City    |   Documentary-Advert



A docu-ad on the Anna Fiorentini Foundation Foundation, a charity that helps disenfranchised children gain scholarships for her theatre school. 

Ink   |   Animated Short



Creator of this stop-motion short about a full stop stuck in a computer screen that must travel across the living room to get back to its book.

MA Screenwriting   |   MET Film School | London

​2015 - 2016


BA (Honours) Humanities with Philosophy & Religious Studies The Open University   |   Milton Keynes

​2010 - 2013


Other work 
Music Critic   |   Live-Music-Scene

​2010 - 2013

Music critic to local bands and national acts for this online magazine. 

Presenter   |   Bristol Community Radio


Headhunted to create and present this weekly show featuring music, local news and magazine-style segments.

Matthew East 2017 - 2019

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