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My name is Matt, and Im a scriptwriter based in Bristol for film, TV and radio - pretty much anything written in Courier 12 and recorded afterwards. I have recently completed my Masters in Screenwriting with the MET Film School in London, and am currently working as a Script Reader for the Oscar-winning Writer & Director Steve Box (Wallace & Gromit and the Curse of the Were Rabbit). I have also just completed work on Hard to Heart, a psychological drama short filmed in Amsterdam and set to be released in 2017. 
My writing passion lies in both animation and comedy – often dark comedy. I have written spec scripts for several animated feature films, comedy films and am developing Laying to Rest, a comedy TV series about rival funeral parlours.
Thus, if I could only aim to do one thing in life it would be this...
To make people die laughing, or die trying.
Thinking about it, to make people laugh as Im dying would be good. Maybe thats the goal?
Ultimately I am interested in writing for TV or feature films. Until that time, I am available for Script Writing, Script Consulting and any other opportunities you think might be of interest to me.
Anyway, Ill leave you to have a look around,
Over and out!
Matts Backstory...

Back Story

Matthew East first fell in love with scripts at the age of ten. He was on stage, a script in front of him, playing the role of a hapless defence-lawyer-come-window-cleaner trying to defend the Big Bad Wolf for crimes against the Three Little Pigs. He looked like a rabbit caught in headlights, but something must have clicked, as since that day he hasn't been able to put down the pen to craft his own tales.


He just never set foot on stage again. 

Since his terrible moment on stage, Matthew has worked towards his goal of making a career as a screenwriter. First he decided to study Philosophy and Religious Studies for his bachelors degree at the Open University as he wanted to study something that would give him something to write about. Here he gained an understanding of people's beliefs, faiths and cultures that are different from his own, which has led to him having an ability to emotionally connect with many through his writing. He also, through philosophy, gained an insight into how logic works and thus an ability to question, through themes in his writing, larger humanity-wide questions on subjects such as religion, morality and politics. 

During his full time BA, Matthew also worked full time in one of the UK's largest garden centres to save up for his MA in Screenwriting. Here he gained invaluable life lessons (such as always checking what is in a skip before adding to it) through his own screw ups (managing to accidentally colour a dead mouse luminous green when throwing the remainder of some fence paint in said skip) and the screw ups of others. Indeed, one of the best moments of his life so far is entering the Gardening department to see every single plastic topiary ball dripping wet with water, because a colleague got overzealous with the hose when tasked with watering the plants. 

This job ultimately led to him doing excellently in his Masters degree, where he gained a thorough understanding of the craft of story – writing coherently, emotionally but also to different target audiences, markets and budgets. Here he had his own written work filmed by professionals at Ealing Studios and worked with industry experts – such as Eileen Quinn (Author of The Pitch) and David Lemon (Writer of Containment) – to gain a working, practical knowledge of how the business works, and how to package himself and his projects to be commercially viable. 

Furthermore, during the course he was commissioned by several charities – including the leading children’s charity Barnardo’s – to create training videos and documentary-adverts, both live action and animation. He also worked on a comedy web-series, dark comedy short, sci-fi short and religious short. Many of these have since been accepted into festivals including MCM Comic Con, Filmmatic Filmmaker Awards and the IAC BIAFF Awards. 

Finally, Matthew was so successful on this course that he gained work from two industry professionals from his time on it: helping to create an animation with Mark Forstater (Producer of Monty Python & the Holy Grail) and currently working as a script reader for Steve Box (Director of Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were Rabbit). 

Matthew East 2017 - 2019

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