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I put sentences into words.


Talking to people who won't listen?

I help change that.


Stories make people feel, once the words are in the right order.

Script Reading

Draft no. 52?

I figure out what's not firing.

Who on earth is


Matthew East first fell in love with scripts at the age of ten. He was on stage, a script in front of him, playing the role of a hapless defence-lawyer-come-window-cleaner trying to defend the Big Bad Wolf for crimes against the Three Little Pigs. He looked like a rabbit caught in headlights, but something must have clicked, as since that day he hasn't been able to put down the pen to craft his own tales.


He just never set foot on stage again. 


When I'm not writing for others,

I work on my own stories.

Philosophy meets film.

Enter: Philmblog.


The people I've worked with

have lots to say.

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